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DFO Consulting Registered Accountants and Business Advisors
Contractor Advisor Churchill House, 120 Bunns Lane, Mill Hill, London, NW7 2AS
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DFO has been working with hundreds of new and seasoned Contractors and Freelancers for over 10 years helping them to navigate through the complexities of IR35 and tax whilst ensuring that they are fully taking advantage of compliant tax efficiency savings. Our robust process in getting to know our clients ultimately shapes the business advice we provide to build their future aspirations.

We appreciate that your time is precious which is why our dedicated team and carefully handpicked software and industry associates will welcome you on board as a Business Partner. We operate our contractor services on a fixed fee basis and our packages ensure you have a choice of flexible options to pick from. DFO’s underlying aim is to provide cost effective, solution driven responses to your financial, accounting and tax requirements.

DFO are registered Accountants and Business advisors. Contact us today for a personal pay illustration.

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