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Contractor insurance from one of the best contractor & freelancer insurance broker in the UK. Get online quotes for a wide range of insurance products like professional indemnity, public liability, Employer’s liability, Director’s and Officer’s liability, occupational personal accident cover and much more, under one roof.

We have exclusively partnered with one of the best insurance service providers for UK Contractors - Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance to provide you an unmatched service. They have designed tailor made packages to meet the demands of UK Contractors and Freelancers.

Insurance policies UK Contractors need while contracting?

In most cases, UK contractors need to have 3 types of insurances, i.e. Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Employers Liability insurance.

To keep it simple, we have grouped all the key insurances a contractor requires i.e. Director's and Officer's liability, Employer's liability, Occupational personal accident cover, Professional indemnity, and public liability insurance into one package.

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Why should you buy an insurance?

There are 3 important reasons why you should have an insurance, which we have outlined below:

1. Insurance provides you cover against the vast majority of risks you'll be exposed to when working as a Contractor

2. It's a key IR35 indicator. Having an insurance does indicate that you are likely to be outside IR35 and are working as an independent contractor. Though there are other factors that contribute as well to decide whether you are inside or outside IR35.

3. Most of the times, it's also a prerequisite set by recruitment agencies and even clients that you have certain types of insurances

Minimum amount of cover required as a Contractor?

There's no fixed minimum set for a insurance cover. This depends a lot on your contract and nature of business. Mostly, £1m cover is required for Professional indemnity and Public Liability whereas £10m cover for Employers Liability. This would however be mentioned in your contract or your recruitment agency will most likely tell you what amount of cover you need and which type of cover is required for the contract.

How much does an insurance cost?

Over the years, cost of insurances have gone down considerably. However, premium for your business insurance would depend on your contract, turnover and the level of insurance you would need. Click on Get a Quote to find out how much it would cost you.

How can I buy an insurance?

It's simple. Click on the Buy Insurance button below, or you can give us a call on 01242 808740 or email us on [email protected] and we'll help you with insurance quotes.

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