Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance

Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance

Contractor insurance from Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance (KCI). They provide comprehensive, inexpensive and compliant packages of business insurance to thousands of freelancers, contractors and independent professionals through the UK.

If you are a contractor operating through your own limited company we cannot stress enough the importance of obtaining the appropriate insurance.

For the majority of contractors there is a contractual obligation with the agency and the client to be suitably insured.

Wherever you are working, you have a duty to protect anyone who might be affected by your actions. Costly claims can be made against you if your actions lead to anything being damaged or anyone being injured. Likewise, if you give your client advice or complete any work for them that leads to them losing money, a claim could be made against you.

What insurances do I need as a contractor?

The Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance package includes all of the following insurances, which means you only need one quote and one policy to cover your main exposures and meet your contractual obligations:

Covers you if you are accused of professional negligence, making an error or omission, or giving bad advice which results in your client losing money. This provides cover for legal defence costs and damages awarded against you.

Provides cover if someone is injured or property is damaged as a result of your actions while carrying out your job. Whether you are on your own premises or at a client's site, you have a duty to protect anyone who might be affected by your activities. If you fail to do this, you may have to pay substantial compensation.

Provides protection against claims from employees. It is compulsory for almost all UK businesses. Regardless of your set-up, this is often insisted on by clients who may require you to comply with a standardised contract.

Key benefits for using Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance (KCI) include:

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