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contractor mortgages made easy

Contractor Mortgages Made Easy has acquired Contractor Financials, a specialist firm of financial advisers, who shall help you secure competitive mortgages. It’s simply a case of making use of our expertise and contacts that we have built up over many years.

It’s all too easy to obtain an ‘online agreement in principle’ only to find that, after a nerve wracking two weeks wait, you’re rejected when the underwriter realises you are not a permie or asks you to show accounts (which clearly won’t reflect what you truly earn).

Most contractors will have a horror story or two to tell about the hassles they have had trying to arrange a contractor mortgage.

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What Makes Contractor Financials (Contractor Mortgages Made Easy) Different?

Over 95% of our clients are contractors and as such we fully understand how you are paid and where to properly submit contractor mortgage applications to ensure success. We avoid poorly trained, poorly motivated staff at the branch networks of the major institutions and instead deal with key underwriters within the lenders centralised processing units. In this way we can avoid the strain of having to prove your employability, earnings potential and credit worthiness to branch based mortgage processors who always seems to look for reasons NOT to help.

We ensure that interest rates are competitive and favour lenders who will work simply from a generous multiple of your annualised contract rate (up to 5 times income). This use of your contract rate alone avoids the need for submission of company accounts that first time contractors may not have and that will not, in any case, truly reflect your income.

You do not need you to have been contracting for a lengthy period before applying for a contractor mortgage and we are able to arrange contractor mortgages for clients who are in the 1st week of their first contract.

We have helped over 10000 clients to make the most of their contractor status but we still pride ourselves on treating each client as an individual. We provide a highly personalised service. You will be assigned a real, living, breathing member of our team to answer queries and keep you informed along the way and to ensure that your mortgage application is dealt with efficiently.

Above all, we aim to find you the best mortgage available for your contractor status.

Contractor mortgages made easy, isn't it? What next

It’s simple, just take 30 seconds now to fill out our Mortgage Finder form and we will find you the best contractor mortgages available to you. Alternatively, you can call 0333 370 8888 and speak to a member of our friendly contractor mortgage team will make the process easy for you.

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