Friday the 13th: The Game Single Player mode release date update


Friday the 13th is one of the most talked about game recently. Well, the talks have been both; positive and negative. It also once gained #2 spot on Playstation store's top seller list, and was one of the top sellers on Steam as well.

While this game has garnered a huge fan following, some of the game players feel saturated due to lack of more maps, single player mode, repetitive multiplayer gameplay and some frustrating glitches (especially on Xbox). Fans are desperately waiting for its single player mode release, and are eyeing on its release date.

Nevertheless, F13 game developers too are a hard working bunch and are not at all bogged down due to all these difficulties they are facing. Despite the mammoth challenges, the game developers are working hard to give what the fans have been long waiting for, the single player mode.

Xbox version of the game has been creating problems for the game developers, and its memory leaks have been a major issue for them. However, it seems like they have got a solution for it, and this has not deviated them from the single player mode release. It's PC version has been performing at its best, while Playstation users aren't complaining too much about it as well. Only Xbox version is not performing up to its potential.

Recently the developers indicated that the single player mode is due to launch 'VERY SOON' and that they have a lot of exciting stuff coming up for Friday the 13th game players. Though they did not reveal any particular date of the single player release, they initially said that the single player mode will release in Summer 2017. Well, now that the Sun is shining and the summer is upon us, and from what it looks like, we believe that the single player mode for this game will release somewhere in mid August, 2017.

From their recent announcements and as per our research team, it looks like more maps and some advanced perks are to be added too, to the game. Recently, as a good gesture, the game developers delighted their fans by celebrating double XP weekend, gave free costumes and a retro Jason (NES version). Well, the game developers certainly know where its pinching, and they are doing their best to give players a memorable experience.

They are also trying to include Gloria's (my favorite character) character from the Friday the 13th series (part 3), to the game to pay her tribute. For those of you who don't know, sadly, Gloria Charles passed away in December last year. They are trying to locate friends / family of her, so that, they can include her in the game and pay her a tribute. In case, if you know of anyone close to Gloria Charles then, please contact the game developers on [email protected]

Well, all said and done, we are SUPER EXCITED for Friday the 13th - The Game Single Player release 'SOON'. Fingers crossed!

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