Free PlayStation Plus Games for August 2018


Well the time has come, and Sony is about to reveal the free games for the month of August 2018 to its PlayStation Plus subscribers. Having said that, it seems there’s a little wait lying ahead and there might just be a slight delay. 

No, this is not due to technical reasons or Sony’s fault, this is purely because of the way the days fall this July. Confused? Let me explain.

Sony reveals the list of free PlayStation plus games on the last Wednesday of every month and makes the game available on 1st Tuesday of every month. This month, the last Wednesday of the month falls today (i.e. 25th July) and the 1st Tuesday falls on 31st July and not on 1st of August and which is why, Sony might delay the reveal by 1 week.

They had done it in November last year when a similar situation arose. They revealed the game on 1st of November and released it on 7th of November. So, it might very well happen that, Sony might reveal the free PlayStation plus games on 1st of August and release it on 7th of August. No matter what, we have a feeling that PS4 owners are in for a treat. We feel that a great PlayStation 4 game is coming our way. Fingers crossed!

Since we have some time, let’s have a look at our predictions for free PlayStation plus games for August 2018:

1. Killzone: Shadow Fall 

First on our list is Killzone: Shadow Fall. There are very high chances that this might be one of the free PlayStation Plus games Sony will release in the month of August 2018. Sony had already made it available for free same time last year to Japanese PS plus subscribers and chances are this Sony’s exclusive game title might go for free this year. If it does, this will be a great news to many of shooting game genre fans.

2. Overcooked

Second on our list is Overcooked, and one simple reason behind this is, Overcooked 2 is due to come out on 7th of August, and this is the perfect opportunity to gain momentum for developers before the game is released. 

3. Telltale Game

There are also rumors on the internet that we might actually get a Telltale game. If you look at the previous line up of games offered for free to PlayStation plus subscribers, there hasn’t been a single Telltale game given out for free. So, this could very well be true. But we are not banking hard on this, purely because we already got Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls from Sony, and adding a Telltale game might just make it boring.

It’s a little wait and we’ll soon come to know which games would be made available by Sony to it’s PlayStations plus subscribers for the month of August 2018.

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