• Should an IT contractor become VAT registered Should an IT contractor become VAT registered One of the questions we regularly get asked by our clients is “should they register for VAT?”. Many of our clients operate via a Limited Company set-up. In this article, we look at if a contractor operating via their own Limited Company should register for VAT. What is VAT? VAT Article Author: Cogent Accountants Comments Read More
  • Beginners guide to business tax deduction Beginners guide to business tax deduction Every business owner wants to save tax, which is why you should set aside time to fully investigate the many possibilities for your own contracting business. If you’re a beginner to the world of contracting, you may be missing out on opportunities to slash your tax bill. When you&rsq Article Author: Brendan Beeken Comments Read More
  • Top Tax Tips for UK Contractors and Freelancers Top Tax Tips for UK Contractors and Freelancers All Limited Company contractors will have to deal with tax at some point. We have put together a list of useful tax tips to help contractors come to terms with the subject quickly: 1) Make sure you are claiming for all expenses relating to your business activity- from expenditure such as a Article Author: Michael Comments Read More
  • The Tax Investigation Process The Tax Investigation Process When a tax investigation begins the questions on many lips are broadly the same in our experience. The most popular questions that we are asked during an opening consultation are as follows: 1) How serious is my tax investigation? 2) Will I go to prison for tax offences? 3) How will HMRC d Article Author: Harsh Shah Comments Read More
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