Are you aware about the new HMRC Your 2016 Tax Report Phishing Scam?


HMRC recently issued a warning to its customers making them aware about the new "Your 2016 Tax Report" phishing scam which is making rounds on the internet. This phishing email comes with an attachment, which HMRC has strongly advised people not to open or download the attachment.

They have also requested people to forward any such email to [email protected].

As we all know by now, these scams are not new; and are getting more and more dangerous as the time passes by. The emails look very authentic, and people with less or limited technical knowledge or know how may fall prey to such phishing scams. One must remember that, HMRC will never ask for your personal and financial information such as bank details or passwords.

Any misleading or fraudulent website can be reported to

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will never use texts or emails to tell you about a tax rebate or penalty, or ask for personal or payment information.

You can forward suspicious text messages to 60599. Text messages will be charged at your network rate.

By any chance if you feel that you have given away your personal or financial information to the fraudsters then, please act immediately.

Report a disclosure of personal details to HMRC

Contact the HMRC security team if you think you’ve given any personal information in reply to a suspicious email or text.

Include brief details of what you disclosed (for example name, address, HMRC User ID, password) but don’t give your personal details in the email.

HMRC security team

[email protected]

Source: HMRC

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