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Let us help you setup your own limited company online. With our help, you can complete company formation in a few simple and easy steps.

To set up a limited company you need to register with Companies House. This is known as ‘incorporation’.

Don't worry, we will help you with all of that. It hardly takes a few minutes to get things going, with our express company formation service.

To register a new company you will need:

Company Name and Address

Your company name must not contain any words considered to be sensitive or be the same as an existing name on the register. You can check name availability before you start by using our WebCHeck service.

Every company must have a registered office within the UK which is the official legal address of the company. It must be a physical address (i.e. not a PO Box without a physical location) as Companies House will use this address to send correspondence to.

Officer Details (Director and Secretary)

To incorporate a private limited company you need at least one director, who has to be over 16 years of age. You may also have a secretary, but this is optional. The information you will need to supply for each officer includes:

  • full name
  • usual residential address (not displayed on public record)
  • service address (can be the same as the registered office)
  • country/state of residence (i.e. the country or state where the address is situated)
  • nationality, occupation, date of birth and any former names (that have been used for business purposes in the last 20 years).

You may also have officers that are companies or firms, and for these you will need to supply the company or firm name, its registered office address, details of the legal form of the company, where it is registered and if applicable its registration number.

Share Capital and Shareholder Details

You will need to supply the name and address ofeach initial shareholder in the company (known as a subscriber); as well as the number and class of shares, amount paid on each share, nominal value of the shares,currencyandtotals.Prescribed particulars of rights attached to shares will also need to be supplied (i.e. details of voting, distribution, dividend and any redemption rights attached to the shares).

Subscriber Authentication Information in place of a signature you will need to provide 3 items of personal information from the following 7 categories: Town of birth, Last 3 digits of telephone number, Last 3 digits of National Insurance number, Last 3 digits of Passport number, Mothers maiden name, Eye Colour, Fathers first name.

Payment - £25.00

We'll send you a payment link once we initiate the setup process. This fee will be refunded in full, should you choose one of our Contractor Accounting services.

Simply fill in the details below and we'll initiate the process.

Company Details

Please ensure that you have checked the company name is available.

Directors Details

Please note, 10 ordinary shares will be issued in total.


Once you click on submit, we will follow up with you through an email. If you have any queries or want to appoint additional Director, you can simply let us know by replying to our email.



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