Free Invoice Templates For Limited Company & How to Invoice Guide

How to create an invoice for a Limited Company

Invoicing is an integral part of running a limited company and contracting. It is important to invoice your client correctly, all the details mentioned in the invoice needs to be extremely accurate.

Incorrect details on your invoice can negatively affect your cash flow, and at times, it can also put you in legal trouble.

In this article, we’ll provide you top tips on how to create an invoice for your Limited Company, and most importantly; how to invoice your client accurately as a contractor. With that, we have also included invoice template for you to download.

What do you need to put on an invoice?

Your invoice must include the following information:

What is a VAT invoice?

If your limited company is VAT registered, you'll need to generate a VAT invoice. You will have to include your VAT registration number in the invoice, and you'll have to add 20% VAT or whatever rate is applicable at that time, to the invoice amount. For example, if your service fee is £1000, and if VAT is 20% then, your total invoice amount will £1200 (£1000 + £200 VAT). You can download and use our VAT invoice template to keep it simple.

How to invoice a company?

You can also download our Free and fully editable Invoice templates:

Download Invoice template for non VAT registered Limited Companies:

Download Invoice template for VAT registered Limited Companies:

If you need any help with invoicing then, simply fill in the Request a Call Back form on this page or write to us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.

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