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Everybody knows Smartphone’s are the most amazing gadgets of today’s time. In the 90s, phones were very simple devices. But now, after coming a long way, they have turned out to be quite smart. Modern day phones or Smartphone’s have such smart features that can hardly be imagined two decades back.

Evolution in mobile technology has been quite remarkable! It has shrunk the computer to a size that perfectly fits in our pocket. And it does not end here. It actually begins here. There are numerous technologies which are yet to be used in smart mobiles and mobile application developments. Here are those technologies:

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is already in use but not at large level. This can be the future of securely sharing information by touching two systems or bringing them into close proximity. It can be used in a variety of tasks, including contactless transactions, data exchange and simplified setup of more complex communications. Google has enabled NFC functionality in its Android mobile operating system and provides a NFC payment service known as Google Wallet. There may be limitless uses of this technology in smart mobile application development.

Augmented Reality and Smartphone

Augmented reality (AR) is a cool technology. It is based on the idea of combining the live view of an object with a real time system generated object. The system generated object overlays to live view that is captured by the smart phone camera. There may be amazing uses of this technology. For example, an augmented reality app designed for the purpose of searching locations through camera can let you discover the name of a building. The app can provide a range of details, such as the offices in the building, owner names, names of nearby buildings, etc. This technology can also be used in highly interactive mobile game development projects.

Google is also developing an AR device dubbed as Google Glass. It is an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD). This HMD device would provide information currently available to most smart phone users. Users would also be able to use the internet via natural language voice commands.

Better Speech Recognition without the Barrier of Accent

We still have speech recognition software like Siri, S Voice and Google Voice, but none of them works for all the users in the world. These apps work fine if you speak English with the American accent, but not all people in the world are speaking English in the American way. This technology is yet to be perked-up, or users around the world will not be able to use it.

Shape and Size

Why do you think you will always hold your smart device in hand? Future has lots of exciting forms to present this technology. With increasing size of mobile screens, carrying smart devices like smartphones and tablets is becoming difficult. What about a smart device that we do not need to hold in our hand? Developers are actually working on such smart technology that frees our hands. Google Glass is one example of it. Some people are working on screens that can fit into contact lenses.

Self or Wirelessly Recharging Battery

What is the biggest issue with all the portable wireless devices? Yes it is their battery. You know that battery quickly drains when you keep the display on for a few hours. Even smartphones of top brands like Apple and Samsung do not go all through the day in single charge. Many users hate about putting their phones on charge every day. Can we imagine a self or wirelessly battery-recharge function? Maybe, a phone can be recharged by ambient radio waves, TV masts, Wi-Fi transmitters, etc.

Operating System Integration

Now the computer giants have discovered the potential of mobile technology. They have begun the development of a single operating system to remove the gap between desktop computing technology and mobile phone technology. Apple and Microsoft are actually working on the concept of operating system integration.

Phone With Projector and Laser Keyboard

Can you really use your iPhone or Android powered phone for typing a professional document or office presentation? No, it is not easy. They have very small screens that are not suitable for most of the office related operations. But this problem too has solution. Developers can add a powerful projector to phones. This projector can project the display on wall. Some phones are actually using it now. They can also add the feature of laser keyboard so that writing related tasks can become more convenient.

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