3 Interesting Mobile Apps for Contractors and Freelancers


One of the best ways that those new to contracting and freelancing (and those who have long been in the game) can save money and stress is to save time.

Every valuable minute that you can save during your daily routine means another minute that you can be working of tasks – or relaxing at the end of your workday.

There is a great new crop of smartphone and tablet Apps aimed at the busy freelancer, and as contractor accountants we wholeheartedly endorse anything that saves our clients time and earns them money.

Here are three of our best App recommendations for freelancers and contractors:

1). Wunderlist – Whether you are a prodigious list maker in your personal life or prefer to just ‘wing things’ as you go, as a freelancer you will need to have an orderly list making protocol in place – otherwise you will find yourself behind schedule and losing clients. Wunderlist may just be the perfect list making app; it allows you to prioritise your tasks and projects, syncs easily across your devices and features reminder alarms.

2). Shake – Need an easy way to create, sign and send legally binding agreements to clients and suppliers? Shake is just that app. You can create a huge variety of documents with Shake, including non-disclosure agreements, merger clauses and business contracts related to freelancing, renting and money loans.

3). Harvest – Having a hard time tracking exactly what you are doing each day in regards to how many minutes/ hours you are spending per client? Harvest allows you to compile detailed time management reports that help you to easily see the time distribution of your work day, helping you ascertain how much to bill each of your clients.

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