5 Things Every Recruiter Should Do


Job hunting can become an extremely frustrating affair if a candidate’s CV falls into the hands of a Recruiter who doesn’t do his job right or who doesn’t value the Recruiter-Candidate relationship.

If you are a Contractor or a jobseeker, you would have for at least once, come across a Recruiter who either has not shared the full job description with you or not provided you a feedback on your interview or has stopped taking your calls. These are some of the things a jobseeker would not expect to happen with him / her.


With that in mind, we have prepared a list of 5 basic things we believe every Recruiter should do:

1. Share the FULL Job Description & Discuss the ROLE with the candidate

This is a simple, basic and yet often missed out point during the recruitment process, which often Recruiters fail to do it right. Often we find Recruiters not sharing the full JD (job description) with their candidates, which results in a total waste of time for Recruiter and the candidate both.

It is extremely important for a Recruiter to know about the role for which he/she is hiring. Things like Job Responsibilities, Skills Required, Salary, Benefits, Education & Experience required etc. are a must share with the candidate.

For contract roles, it is a MUST to inform the candidate about the project start and end dates, Recruiters should help the candidate understand client and job expectations very clearly.

This is a key point in the recruitment process, and should be dealt with utmost care.

2. Read, review and discuss candidate’s CV and then make a judgement

Often we have found that Recruiters don’t give emphasis to going through the entire CV, mostly due to lack of time / work pressure or “targets”. In IT Recruitment, this also happens due to lack of technical knowledge / understanding.

Instead of reading the candidate’s CV, Recruiters tend to look for specific keywords within the CV; and based on those keywords, they make the judgement.

Recruiters should go through the CV carefully, read all details and discuss it with the candidate. Many times, it happens that candidates miss out on mentioning certain “keywords” in the CV and Recruiters miss out on a valuable candidate.

Recruiters should also help the candidate in preparing the CV in the right format.

3. TAKE candidate’s approval before forwarding it to the client

This is again, one of the key points. Recruiters should NEVER forward a candidate’s CV to the client before seeking candidate’s approval.

Not taking candidate’s approval not only affects Recruiter’s relationship with the candidate, but also give a wrong image / indication to the client. As a Recruiter, you don’t want your reputation to get negatively affected.

Share the full JD, discuss the role and the candidate’s CV; seek approval and then submit.

4. Give FEEDBACK on the application

Often we have seen that Recruiters stop answering to candidate’s calls if their CV / Application has been rejected by the client.

For every Recruiter who is looking to build a long term relationship with the candidate, trust and candidate loyalty then, the Recruiter should proactively share / discuss the client feedback with the candidate and guide the candidate in the right direction. Doing this, will build trust and a long lasting relationship with the candidate.

If the candidate’s application is accepted and an interview is requested by the client then, help the candidate prepare for the interview. Explain the candidate about the dos and don’ts and the overall interview process.

5. Help the candidate with the onboarding process

It is the moment of joy and celebration for a Recruiter when his/her candidate gets selected by the client. However, this is not where a Recruiter should stop.

It is the duty of a Recruiter to guide the candidate through the onboarding process, help the candidate with the documentation and joining.

Every Recruiter should ensure that the candidate’s joining and onboarding process is smooth and easy for the candidate.

These are the 5 things which we believe if a Recruiter does it right, will not only bring him a lot of success as a Recruiter, but will also help the Recruiter forge long term relationship / build candidate loyalty.

Source: Smit Shah

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