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ITContractorsUK.com entered the online space with only one question in mind, "How can we positively contribute to the IT contracting market and, most importantly, how can we assist IT Contractors and Freelancers?"

After intensively researching the information available for IT Contractors, one thing came out very clear: the quality of information was not up to the mark and the information was very repetitive and unnecessarily complex.

We're here to change all of that! We plan to do this by, firstly, keeping this site up to date with as much helpful and relevant information as possible and, secondly, providing ongoing support to all the IT contracting services using our website.

On our site, you will find:

1. IT Contractor Forum

Our Forum is powered by one of the most powerful community software available in the Industry. Combined with Facebook integration, now you will get more exposure than ever

2. IT Jobs

Through this area, search and apply to the latest IT Jobs available in the UK market, be it temporary or permanent jobs

3. Contractor News & Guides

Get the latest news and updates from the IT Contracting market

4. IT Recruitment Agencies Directory

List of IT Recruitment agencies, makes your job much more easier when you are planning to secure a job or start a new IT Contract

5. Contractor Accountants and Umbrella Service Providers

Nowadays, finding quality, friendly and experienced accountants are hard to find. With our verified and trusted accountants, it may become a tad easier for you to tap an Accountant or Umbrella Service Provider

6. Contractor Insurance Services

We've partnered with top quality Insurance Brokers to provide best insurance services.

7. Contractor Mortgages

Mortgage or Re-mortgage, request a quote from our Mortgage partner and learn more about it. This page will help you in every possible way

8. Useful Downloads

From HMRC tax forms to self help guides, you will find everything here

We promise to be one stop solution for all your IT contracting needs because "We're committed to contracting".

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